How to Use the Internet to Find Your Dream Marketing Job

May 25, 2015

It has been said that traditional ways of searching for jobs no longer yield results. While this isn't completely true, the sentence isn't as fabricated as you may believe it to be. Marketing jobs, perhaps more so than most others, require a person to be at the very top of their game. Familiarity with patterns and a willingness to embrace the latest trends is almost a prerequisite to a career in marketing.

Of course, compile a list of all of the job search techniques you know and you'll see that online application is the most up to date out of all of those on your list. The internet is currently enjoying a seemingly unending boom, meaning even the most traditional of companies are having to embrace it.

Market Yourself Online

The great thing about the internet is it gives you a chance to really showcase your skills. Unless you plan on meeting an employer face to face, traditional means of job application are stiff, and rigid, and don't allow you to show off any of your personality or creativity.

Careers in marketing require an ability to connect with your target market. By creating an online brand for yourself, you'll be able to impress those whose assistance you need. Start by turning to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and sell yourself by creating profiles which show off your best bits. Chances are employers will Google you. Make sure they like what they see.

Play the Numbers Game

Those who work in marketing understand that success is usually nothing more than a numbers game. Fine tune your product or service, then promote it rigorously to the masses.

You can use the internet to put the same principles into action. The internet allows you to apply for more jobs than any newspaper or agency would. At your fingertips is an array of potential employers, just waiting for you to get in touch with them. Now, you may need to apply to several jobs before you reach these people, but with the internet, that's not a problem in the slightest. All you need is a resume and to know how to search marketing jobs, and away you go. The numbers are heavily in your favor, which is a reason to feel excited.

Find a Great Source of Jobs

Whether you're looking for advertising jobs, digital marketing jobs or regular marketing jobs, you'll need to find a great source of available jobs if you're going to land a role in any of these fields.

Thankfully, this isn't too difficult to do. Most marketing jobs articles will advise you to find several job sites or agencies that update their databases regularly, and use them as part of your daily job search. The benefit of this is that your efforts become more targeted and you avoid applying for the same jobs twice. Many companies will advertise their jobs on many sites, meaning the more you are a member of, the more chance you have of sending multiple applications without realizing. This is advice that suits new workers as well as the experienced ones. Those wondering how to work in marketing will benefit from joining several agencies, just as much as anybody else will.


If you aren't currently using the internet to further your job search, it's time that you started. With many of the world's top marketing companies now advertising vacant positions online, there has never been a better time to dust off your mouse and use the internet to its full potential.

There is nothing stopping you from engaging in other methods of search - in fact, its recommended you do so - but you'll probably find you receive the best leads from your web-based applications. Most companies now prefer you to use the internet to apply for jobs, as it allows them to process applications quicker. Of course this is something you can use to your advantage by creating a virtual brand that will compliment your application.

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