Which Marketing Jobs Have the Best Future?

June 3, 2015

Sometimes, getting a job can be hard enough. If you've been out of work for a while, your primary concern will be to gain meaningful employment, rather than earn yourself a marketing career that has staying power. If you're new to the field of marketing, however, or simply want to understand which marketing jobs are here for the long-haul, this article should help.

Advertising Managers

Love it or hate it, advertising is impossible to avoid. Turn on the TV, or the radio, or open a magazine, and there you'll find advert after advert. Jobs in advertising have been safe for the last 100 years, but none more so than an advertising manager's.

With an average salary of $100,000 per year, this job isn't easy to get, but it's one of the most secure once you do. Best of all, these jobs are predicted to become 14% more popular over the coming years.


Advertising Sales Rep.

An advertising sales representative can expect to take home in the region of $48,000 per year. It's one of the most secure advertising jobs around, simply because of the demand for these types of employee. Since 2014, 13% more advertising sales rep jobs have become available, demonstrating the prowess of the advertising and marketing sector in general.


Market Research Analyst

Anybody who wants to work in marketing knows the industry requires you to be great with figures. Whether you're crunching budgets or analyzing numbers, you'll need to be comfortable working with data. One job that requires you to be at the top of your analyst game is the Market Research Analyst. Your job will be to make sense of raw research data and use it to help the company create and fine-tune its marketing strategy. As all firms do market research, this job is safer than almost any other you'll find.


Production Editor

Digital marketing jobs have increased in number rapidly over the last few years, and it's easy to see why. With most websites and businesses needing online content to advertise their services, the need for production editors and those with web knowhow has skyrocketed. The average production editor can expect to take home a median salary of $45,000, and can enjoy job security many others can't.


Event Planners

If you've been reading through any marketing jobs articles on other sites, you'll probably have seen events advertised at the bottom of the article. In fact, so popular are events nowadays for businesses that they're advertised everywhere. Promotional events and even awards ceremonies need to be organized by somebody in the marketing field. Careers in marketing aren't all about board meetings. Sometimes they involve working solely with people. If you know how to search marketing jobs, take a look for yourself and you'll see what we mean.



Those wondering how to work in marketing can hopefully take a little advice from the info above. The jobs we've listed are, according to the latest research, the safest ones in the whole of the marketing sector. Not only are they safe, but they're predicted to remain safe, too. As the industry looks to keep growing, talented workers with skills such as those above will be in high demand.

Because the industry is so healthy financially, most companies are well aware of what kind of employee they want, and make an active attempt to bring them to the company. Unlike sectors like retail, there's no sitting around wondering how to hire a marketer in companies renowned for their marketing expertise. If possible, try to aim for one of the careers above when applying for jobs. If you're not ready to do that yet, don't worry. You'll have the ability to learn new skills once you're in your new job

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